A Better Way to Find
and Book Guests
for your
Podcast Book Newsletter Blog Column

A Better Way to Find and Book Guests for your
Podcast Book Newsletter Blog Column

Guestio streamlines the booking process to eliminate hassles and headaches. No more endless email chains or frustrating tech stacks. Now you can find, book, and communicate with top guests and show hosts all inside one easy-to-use platform.

A Better Way to Find and Book Guest


Quickly find and book new guests for your platform.

Easily browse our growing catalog of guests by using categories or tags so you’re guaranteed the perfect fit for your podcast, Youtube channel, radio show, or other content platform. Then schedule and pay without ever leaving the app.


Connect with your guests using built-in messaging.

No more chasing down messages in multiple email accounts and text threads. With Guestio, you can set up text and email notifications for your guests and manage all of your scheduling communication in one convenient place.


Schedule guest interviews without the hassle.

Guestio takes the pain out of scheduling by allowing guests to suggest three available time slots when you book them. Then, you can select one of those times or suggest three others. All through the convenient messaging feature. Share links all in one place!

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Access your guest’s press kit.

Avoid struggling to find the perfect headshot for your guest by digging through Google Images. Anyone that books a guest will have access to download a simple press kit that will be complete with everything you need to promote your content effectively.


Keep track of all your guest bookings in one, unified place.

The Guestio dashboard gives you one place to see all your guest bookings, including links to more information. You’ll also have a complete log of all your past communication.


Build another income stream!

Get paid for the value you are bringing to the world! Whether you are a show looking for guests, or a guest looking for shows, set up your profile, and set your price. Guestio will keep a small platform fee, but the majority will go to you once the interview is complete!

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