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If you have a free account, you are limited to five bookings per month. PRO members have unlimited bookings.

You can always create a completely custom pitch using our “Pitch” booking option. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that the talent will be willing to participate, but shoot your shot!

With Guestio PRO, you can send audio and video guest pitches. This is not available on the Free plan.

We understand that some use programs like Calendly to schedule interviews. This is okay, but it’s imperative you confirm the date with Guestio so we can arrange for your payments and interview follow-up.


If you haven’t heard back within 7 days, the money will be refunded to your account. There is zero risk on your part.

Once your booked event date has passed, you will receive a notification in your dashboard and in your email asking you to confirm the event took place.

Once confirmed, the funds will be scheduled for release to your account.

Guaranteed Response fees are non-refundable. We only guarantee you will get a yes or no response.

We recommend a $100 CPM for an interview appearance. But this number can change according to your desired goals for using the platform.

For more comprehensive thoughts on pricing, watch this video!



Profile/Account Set Up

PRO members currently have the option to change colors or remove the Guestio logo from their press kit pages. This feature is unavailable to free members.

If you’re interested in a $1 trial of Guestio Pro, click here.

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