How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail That Will Increase Your CTR!

The people who say they don’t judge a book by its cover are lying to you. First impressions are everything. Whether it’s a book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble, the signage outside a restaurant, or a YouTube video thumbnail, people make snap judgments instantly. If you’re like any creator who has attempted to […]

Should I Charge Guests to Appear on My Show?

Many podcasters turn up their nose at the idea of charging guests to appear on their shows. Will charging a guest hurt your artistic integrity or make you a “sell-out”? In this brief article, we explain why these fears are unfounded, and how you can ethically charge podcast guests an appearance fee.

5 Platforms Podcasters Need to Focus on in 2022

The podcasting industry is growing exponentially every year. It doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, either! With so many podcast listeners out there, it’s important for podcasters to figure out the best ways to grow their podcast brands in 2022. In this document, we’ll discuss the top software platforms that you should be using […]