5 Platforms Podcasters Need to Focus on in 2022

The podcasting industry is growing exponentially every year. It doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, either! With so many podcast listeners out there, it’s important for podcasters to figure out the best ways to grow their podcast brands in 2022. In this document, we’ll discuss the top software platforms that you should be using in order to get noticed by your target audience and grow your podcast brand.


The company has been pouring an immense amount of money into the podcasting space for the last few years. And it’s certainly paying off. Spotify is now the number one podcasting platform in the world.

eMarketer’s recent data forecasts Spotify’s number of U.S. podcast listeners will continue to grow, reaching 43.6 million by 2025.

A good rule of thumb? Follow the money.

With Spotify investing so much into the space, it’s an essential platform for podcasters.

They even recently introduced a rating system – making it easier than ever to bring credibility to your show and stand out from the crowd.

Learn how you can take advantage of this new feature by reading our recent breakdown.


I could spend hours and a lot of blogs talking about why you need to be taking advantage of this platform – but don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief.

TikTok is immensely popular, but that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity left to be had. Quite the contrary.

Liran Friedman writes about this in an excellent piece for Nasdaq, “The fragmented, decentralized and viral-friendly nature of TikTok is extremely pedestrian and accessible – a huge positive that has created a new creative paradigm. Everyone can participate, genuinely. TikTok’s format allows creators to make great content quickly, particularly since there’s already the expectation that content will be short and sweet. And the creators themselves are the main attraction. By the same token, no one creator holds a monopoly since everyone is watching multiple TikToks from multiple creators every time they open the app. It’s changing everything.

TikTok’s democratizing impulse animates the app. The high amount of videos users watch during one app session (thanks in large part to how short the average TikTok is) and the decentralized feel and ever-expanding amount of new videos on the feed — all this makes visibility for small and niche creators feel possible again. Combined with TikTok’s emphasis and encouragement of user participation and creation, it’s a content democratization bonanza. And it’s changing the nature of digital creativity.”

The point is, when it comes to going viral, there are few places where it’s more possible than TikTok. Creators of every type – particularly podcasters – should definitely be repurposing content onto the platform.

If you don’t know how to leverage it, check out our recent article which gives 8 tips for growing your account in 2022.


In case you missed this sage advice back in the Spotify section of this article… FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Short form content is all-the rage right now when it comes to social media – thanks largely to the influence of TikTok, and Facebook is pouring literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pockets of creators to promote the usage of “reels” on their platform.

The Facebook press release explains

“In July, we announced that we are investing over $1 billion in creators across Facebook and Instagram through 2022. Starting today, we are offering Reels Play – new bonus programs on Facebook and Instagram that allow you to earn money for the Reels you share.

Reels Play on Facebook will pay a bonus to eligible Facebook creators whose Reels get at least 1000 views over a 30-day period on Facebook. Reels from creators in the invite-only program must meet our content monetization policies and the content must be owned by the creator in order to count towards the bonus.

The Reels Play on Facebook bonus program is currently invite-only. Creators who are invited will be notified in the Facebook App and in Creator Studio and can sign up to learn more here.

The Reels Play on Instagram will pay eligible Instagram creators for Reels views on Instagram and Facebook. Creators who are eligible to participate in the Instagram Reels Play bonus will be alerted directly in their Professional Dashboard in the Instagram app.”

Learn more about the reels bonus program and eligibility here


We recently interviewed Chris Van Vliet for an episode of a podcast that – as of the time this article is being written – has not yet been released.

Before we officially started the interview, Chris told Travis Chappell a bit about the success he was seeing with YouTube, particularly with his clips channel.

Although his main channel has 303k subscribers, and his clips channel currently has around 30k – his clips channel is actually outperforming the main channel with views and subscriber growth.

Take a look at this quick three minute clip to hear his thoughts on why this is the case.


Okay, okay – we are biased, sure, but hear us out.

The reality is that, historically, booking guests for your podcast can be a royal pain in the butt.
(And don’t get us start on trying to get booked ON a podcast.)

Any of us who have had an interview podcast know the struggle all too well.

Trying to get past gatekeepers and agents, getting trapped in email hell, and trying to keep track of a dozen communication touch points can be overwhelming.

Guestio streamlines the booking process to eliminate hassles and headaches. No more endless email chains or frustrating tech stacks. Now you can find, book, and communicate with top guests and show hosts all inside one easy-to-use platform.

Easily browse our growing catalog of guests by using categories or tags so you’re guaranteed the perfect fit for your podcast, Youtube channel, radio show, or other content platform. Then schedule and pay without ever leaving the app.

No more chasing down messages in multiple email accounts and text threads. With Guestio, you can set up text and email notifications for your guests and manage all of your scheduling communication in one convenient place.

Guestio takes the pain out of scheduling by allowing guests to suggest three available time slots when you book them. Then, you can select one of those times or suggest three others. All through the convenient messaging feature. Share links all in one place!

Avoid struggling to find the perfect headshot for your guest by digging through Google Images. Anyone that books a guest will have access to download a simple press kit that will be complete with everything you need to promote your content effectively.

The Guestio dashboard gives you one place to see all your guest bookings, including links to more information. You’ll also have a complete log of all your past communication.

Get paid for the value you are bringing to the world! Whether you are a show looking for guests, or a guest looking for shows, set up your profile, and set your price. Guestio will keep a small platform fee, but the majority will go to you once the interview is complete!

What platforms will you have a laser focus on this year? Let us know in the comments!


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