How to Get Featured in Publications

Why is getting featured in publications important?

Credibility is the name of the game in the content world. If you are starting from scratch – like I did when I first started the Build Your Network Podcast – you need to start thinking about how other people perceive you.

Remember, perception is reality. If people perceive you to be the authority, then, in their mind, you are that authority.

I’m not telling you to fake it until you make it. Rather, you need to look for areas where you can stick out as an authority in your field.

One way to do that is through getting featured in press and publications.

I have now been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Nasdaq, ReadWrite, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, and dozens of other publications. If you venture onto my site and see all of those logos and you go to someone else’s site that does the same thing I do and they don’t have those logos, which person are you going to trust more? Me. Either consciously or subconsciously the average person will trust me more than the other person because the trust that the average person has in those publications rubs off on me when I’m featured on them. 

How do I get featured?

If you’d like to get a press release that gets you in over 400 websites, you can order one directly from our team – just submit a contact to our team.

If you want to do it yourself, then there are a few ways to do so.

  1. Do awesome stuff. This is going to sound familiar from our lesson talking about how to get onto other people’s shows. But it remains true. It’s a lot easier to get organically featured in publications when your story is one that has to be told.

  2. Pitch, pitch, pitch. Remember the 5 elements of an effective reachout for landing podcast guests on your show? Even though this is a different format, the same principles apply. You may want to also prepare a clean one sheet for media publications.

  3. Network. Again, this is my favorite way to get it done and the most effective way.

    My best media feature was an article in Forbes that listed me with 9 other top podcasters like Joe Rogan, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tom Bilyeu, Jordan Harbinger, Tim Ferriss, and others. It was viewed a quarter million times and brought in traffic and clients to my business.

    It was through a guest I had on my show who was a Forbes contributor. I asked him advice on how to get featured in Forbes, and he offered to write the piece himself.

    Get out and network, people! Make a list of journalists and contributors to the publications you want to be featured in that bring you the most credibility in your space, and start trying to get them on your show!

    You can also become a contributor. One easy way to get into a publication is to become a contributor yourself. Every publication has its own parameters, so make a list of your faves and ask google how to make it happen. This will also help you land better guests because people won’t recognize your show, but if you are also putting their interview in Forbes, they’re much more likely to say yes. 

  4. Pay. This one is actually very common practice in this space. I have been featured in a few publications that I have paid for and there are several companies out there that will help you get featured as well.

    Just beware companies that charge a lot of money. Since PR companies are somewhat of a commodity, you can probably get similar features for cheaper elsewhere especially if they are all online articles with no follow links instead of do follow links.

    There is a big difference between good press that is worth paying for because it adds tremendous credibility and links from a reputable site with good domain authority which gives google more references for you and your site or content which allows you to rank higher and bad press that is a waste of money with no follow links from sites with no domain authority. 

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All right, you should be primed and ready to go get into your favorite publications! Any questions or comments, leave them below!


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