5 Platforms Podcasters Need to Focus on in 2022

The podcasting industry is growing exponentially every year. It doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, either! With so many podcast listeners out there, it’s important for podcasters to figure out the best ways to grow their podcast brands in 2022. In this document, we’ll discuss the top software platforms that you should be using […]

How to Get Featured in Publications

Why is getting featured in publications important? Credibility is the name of the game in the content world. If you are starting from scratch – like I did when I first started the Build Your Network Podcast – you need to start thinking about how other people perceive you. Remember, perception is reality. If people perceive you […]

How to Grow Your TikTok Account in 2022

One of the best marketing decisions you will make in 2022 is to triple down on TikTok.

When it comes to opportunities for organic growth, few social media platforms compare to the possibilities on TikTok. I’ve seen this first hand with numerous accounts that I’ve helped operate over the past several months. By spending time learning how the algorithm works, and consistently following the best practices I will share with you in this article, I’ve been able to engineer virality several times – bringing hundreds of thousands to one million-plus views to videos and hashtags on the app.

3 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast…IMMEDIATELY!

I recently spoke as part of an entrepreneur panel at Dan Fleyshman’s Elevator Nights – which he recently hosted here in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. During our talk, Dan asked a question about the importance of podcasting, and I gave three simple reasons that everyone should consider starting a podcast immediately. Networking Even if […]

How to Prepare For Your Next Interview

The barrier to entry for podcasting is notoriously low. Literally, ANYONE can launch a podcast. All they need is access to the internet and the ability to record audio. With free hosting services like Anchor, you don’t even need money to launch your show. This unprecedented accessibility is a great thing, but it can be […]